Happy Valentines Day

2021-02-03 20:26:50

Happy Valentine's Day fans. Your subscriptions and gifts literally saved my life last month. When the blizzard hit, I didn't freeze to death. Next month will mark 12 months that we've been forbidden to work here in democRat Nevada.

Could you survive without working for a year? I can't make new content when I'm struggling to survive basically like the TV Show ALONE here in the once-free so-called United States. I'm banned on twitter for not being a communist, so follow me for free: https://mewe.com/i/kitehkawasaki https://gab.com/NSFW-KitehDotNet https://revivalsocial.com/Kiteh https://www.sayscape.com/profile/KitehDotNet ...

I don't use facebook much anymore either.

If you can renew your subscriptions or send a donation, it will really help me survive in this bizarre situation we're all in. Ganbatte.