I Need Your Help Right Now

2021-06-22 19:50:13

Hey you! Yeah YOU bub. Come over here and listen-up. 

I need YOUR help. Yes you.

I need $2000.00 right now for security equipment upgrades. You've seen the riots and murders all across the States. When I was laid-off by COVID madness, that didn't affect me out in the High Desert.

But now I'm back at work in a very dangerous profession and situation.

I can earn that money at work, on my porn sites, or you can send me a special gift here. It's on Menubar>Other>Fundraisers. Pick any fundraiser and put SECURITY on your note.

Because I don't want to be the next dead pornstar, guys.


~ Kiteh

PS: I also need your help with publicity. Share my links with your friends or anonymously on social media if you can.