HP 17.3" ZBook G5 Workstation

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This is (almost) the last thing I need to begin releasing indy Adults-Only 4k content. I have been working and fundraising to afford this for three years now. Are YOU the one who can make it happen? Sure you are. C'mon whip it out. Every little bit helps $20+.


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I drive Japanese 4wd's inherited back when Granpa passed-away they're literally my age now. My mechanic and I work constantly to keep me on the road to work. I deserve a decent ride. Fund this $100+ before I need a doc instead of a mechanic.

Based But Need Decent Housing

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I went homeless in the USA after Granpa passed-away. Dennis rented me an apartment. Now I'm a homeless landowner thanks to Lyon County zoning building code. Banks don't loan to sexworkers. Let's build me a house.